Robin Andreozzi, LMT

Body & Spirit Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Your lymphatic system is responsible for immune system regulation and waste removal. This essential system helps rid the body of toxins that can cause illness. When the lymphatic system slows down or becomes blocked, fluids begin to build up, causing the whole body to feel tired and heavy, making us susceptible to catching illnesses.

Stimulating the lymph nodes through massage helps to clear any blockages and gives the lymphatic system a boost, keeping it running healthy and strong. This in turn keeps your body free of toxins and illness, while also creating a stronger immune system.

A lymphatic massage session begins with a consultation to discuss the client’s specific needs. The actual massage consists of gentle pressured and pumping movements towards the direction of the lymph nodes throughout the body. The procedure uses the deep thumb pressure of shiatsu combined with the relaxing techniques of Swedish massage. Depending on whether the treatment is focused on only one specific area or working on the entire body, a session can last anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes in length.

Lymphatic massage is an excellent treatment on its own or when used in combination with other massage techniques such as deep tissue or Swedish massage. Since it consists of only soft, rhythmic motion, the technique can be used on even the gentlest of areas including areas of the body that are swollen.

Lymphatic massage is good for individuals who frequently suffer from illnesses, a faulty immune system, sports injuries, depression and emotional problems, stress, and low energy. It has been shown to have positive effects on the skin, to produce energy, and to help with respiratory problems. The treatment boosts the immune system making it easier to fight of disease and creates general feelings of vitality. It can also help the client deal with different types of pain because it evokes the body’s innate healing mechanisms. The main idea behind lymphatic massage is that when our immune system is healthy, we are also strong and healthy.